How to Set a D.A.M.N. Goal

A new approach to setting and refining goals in order to make them more effective

Ethan Brooks

D.A.M.N. Goals: The Basics

Achieve more by setting better goals. Based on the ideas of best-selling authors, behavioral economists, and billionaire investors, the D.A.M.N. Goal framework is a better way to help you achieve anything you damn well please.

Ethan Brooks

D.A.M.N. Goals: Mastery

Upgraded with hours of additional case studies and bonus footage, this course includes all of the material from the "D.A.M.N. Goals: The Basics" course, plus additional worksheets and detailed walk-throughs for people who want more.

Ethan Brooks

D.A.M.N. Goals: Learning Intensive

For those who want to get the most out of their goal-setting practice. This package includes all the material in "D.A.M.N. Goals: Mastery" plus two 30-minute coaching calls. One in the beginning, and another one month later.