D.A.M.N. Goals: Learning Intensive

taught by Ethan Brooks

Course description

 This course is for the goal-setters out there. As a volunteer business mentor and a business owner, goal-setting is a regular part of my life and work. 

Over the last five years I've developed a new framework for goal setting, one I call the D.A.M.N. Goal framework (as in "What's your damn goal?).

In this course you will learn how to use that framework to create powerful goals that help focus your action and capitalize on human psychology, increasing your odds of success by 200-300%.

This course contains all of the material and bonus footage from D.A.M.N. Goals: Mastery, plus two 30-minute one-on-one sessions in which we'll take a look at your goal and work to refine it. 

The first 30-minute session will take place as you enter the course. The second will be a one-month follow-up to see how you've progressed on your goal. 

Discover the required components of a strong goal, the science behind those components, and a handful of valuable resources for further learning. The course is designed to be useful for people at various stages of the goal-setting process. Whether you're brand new to goal-setting, or you've already got goals, and you're trying to make them more meaningful, the individual components of this framework will help you with that.

Ethan Brooks
Ethan Brooks
Damn Instructor

Creator of the D.A.M.N. Goal framework, Ethan works with businesses of all types as both a consultant and a volunteer mentor through SCORE. He created the framework after one-too-many damn clients made it clear they had no idea what their damn goal actually was. When he's not setting goals he's cooking, traveling, or giving talks on entrepreneurship or something. He's also a damn good writer, damn good-looking, and maybe shouldn't be allowed to write his own damn bio.